Biscuit contributors

Biscuit is provided as a spec and a series of libraries, all open-source. Some contributions are done on free time, some as part as paid work.

If you manage or work for a company that has a vested interest in biscuit, you should contact the biscuit team to discuss sponsoring opportunities.

Core team

Geoffroy Couprie

Geoffroy is in charge of the biscuit spec and the reference implementation, biscuit-rust. He contributes regularly to biscuit-wasm and the web-based tooling.

Clément Delafargue

Clément co-authors the spec, contributes regularly to biscuit-rust, and is in charge of various bindings (wasm, python, web tooling), as well as biscuit-haskell and the CLI tooling.

Corporate sponsors

Clever Cloud

Clever Cloud has kickstarted and sponsored the early development of biscuit (v0 and v1), when Geoffroy Couprie worked there. They are now in charge of biscuit-java.


Outscale is now the main corporate sponsor for biscuit by allocating a sizeable part of Clément Delafargue's schedule to biscuit.